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Wedding: which season to choose?

woman raising her both arms - Wedding: which season to choose?
woman and man standing on brown rock formation during daytime - Wedding: which season to choose?

We usually have a fairly clear idea of our wedding well before the proposal.

We visualize more or less precisely the dress, the decor, the people close to us and even the emotions we might feel. Most often we also visualize a sweet spring or summer day with an azure blue sky, neither too hot nor too cool, neither windy nor rainy. Just perfect!

However, this ideal day is far from being a given, even in the middle of the season. And it's not necessarily the only nice choice. Because yes, spring or summer weddings win the majority of votes for sure. But autumn and winter weddings can also be crazy original and have a really unique and aesthetic character.

So as I always have extremely pertinent things to say - including about the weather or the seasons - here are the pros and cons of what season to choose for your wedding.

Spring wedding


Of course, it is expected that in spring you can count on good weather above all. Not too hot, sunny enough to get nice fine art or airy photos. Also ideal for an outdoor reception. It is also the peak season for flowers. And for a lover of these little beauties like me, you can imagine that this is important. It's also the beginning of the season, so both venues and guests are more likely to be available on your dates.


For the time being, even if the odds are in your favour (I don't know why but writing this instantly makes me think of hunger games... I need to be treated you think?), the weather remains unstable until late in the season. So you have to concretize a fallback solution in case of cold or bad weather.

Summer wedding


It's the height of wedding season and it's easy to see why. Good weather and warmth are almost guaranteed, it's also the holiday season, and your guests may be able to get away for a long weekend more easily. It's the best time of year for beautiful moody and airyphotoswith light well into the evening. Outdoor receptions are almost guaranteed and the moody atmosphere will surely last well into the night.


Prices are skyrocketing and availability is harder to come by. So plan ahead if summer is a must for you. Be careful with the make-up too: although I wouldn't necessarily judge the make-up artist as a must for every wedding, it can help you avoid make-up that fades as the day goes on.
Of course, it is also necessary to foresee the risk of a heat wave. But for the comfort of the bride and groom, of course, it may also be necessary to provide shelter and hydration for the more fragile. As for you, you will probably be standing a lot and in this case the alternative pair of shoes may be necessary (well, unless like me you end up barefoot on the dance floor! 😅)

Autumn wedding


This is clearly an option that I think is under-exploited. For several years now, we have almost always had a magnificent Indian summer, with sunny but not too hot days. The light is crazy and the colours of nature are very popular with photographers. So you can enjoy the bohemian chic, gipsy, fearless atmosphere in beige, red and orange tones .In September, you will also still be all beautiful and tanned from the summer and rested from the holidays. The floral options are also endless, and this is the perfect time to opt for dried and stabilised flowers, which are particularly suited to this type of atmosphere.
Moreover, as the season is coming to an end,
prices are starting to drop and the availability of venues and service providers is becoming reasonable again.
Finally, in terms of conviviality, this is the time to bring out the candles, the good wines, the more gourmet dishes and to exploit the thousands of possibilities offered by the seasonal themes.
Softness, roundness, in short, you've understood, I'm over-validating this season!


Obviously, autumn means the possibility of rain, that's for sure. Of course, this can easily be turned into an opportunity to play with your guests, and I'll come back to that soon 😉 It'salso back to school and the return to work on the hoof can impose some constraints on your guests. So you'll need to anicicipate as much as possible to allow them to get organised.

Winter wedding


If you want to cheer up your guests, now is the time. What's the best time of year for a wedding? Who wouldn't want to spend a weekend celebrating happiness and love during the most depressing time of the year (not me, right?)? 

Winter weddings can be amazingly friendly and magical. The Moody or pristine white atmosphere depending on whether you are going to the countryside or the snow will allow you to easily play on the enchantment or esotericism for your atmosphere. The closed and warm place vs. the cold outside will facilitate the setting up of a cocooning atmosphere and you will be able to really play on the roundness of the dishes and drinks.

Dress code games for the guests can also be quite funny and will guarantee you some really original photos. 

You can also use and abuse foliage, dry and stabilised flowers. The softness of cotton flowers and lagurus will give a cocoon effect, playing with white and silver tones will sublimate the season or, on the contrary, gold and red-orange colours will enhance the warmth of your decor. You can also use candles and garlands to brighten up your decor. Finally, and of course, this is probably the least popular time of year for weddings. And this may well have a more than positive effect on both prices and availability.

Of course, cold weather outside means that most of the events will be held indoors, especially for the elderly and children. Your outfit will need to be enhanced with more accessories for the eventual transfers between the town hall and the reception venue. As for fresh flowers, they will be more difficult to find. Finally, you will have to deal with everyone's availability if you choose the Christmas holidays and everyone's obviously lighter wallet in January.

Of course this is just my perspective to help you choose the optimal season for your wedding. And it's actually a somewhat standard comparison of things. But aside from these rational criteria, don't forget that this wedding is about you. You and Charmy. It's about your history. And it represents you.

This is the opportunity to choose a date that has a meaning for you. First meeting, first kiss, first "I love you"... Tell yourself that it will also give you the ultimate weapon to prevent him from forgetting your anniversary in 10 years. And that counts, believe me! 

In any case, it's one more thing to share about yourself with your loved ones. A little something will give your event even more flavour. And I'm sure they'll appreciate it. 

Now that I've developed this theory, tell me: what season will you choose for YOUR wedding?


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