Flowers for your beautiful moments

Atelier Despré was born out of a deep passion for beautiful events. Weddings, births, christenings and other family celebrations are all happy days that mark a life like few others. And what better way to represent this happiness than with flowers?

Poetic, delicate, colourful, the stabilised and dried flowers have the particularity of keeping their superb quality for years. They are like the materialization of a suspended moment that we wish to make last, to offer as a souvenir like the symbol of a life before us. Embellished with semi-precious stones which are believed to have beneficial properties, our creations also have a strong and unique symbolism.

Despré's mission is to offer you a complete range of customisable floral creations. Discover our complete range of decorative items, including flower embroidered drums, wreaths and hair accessories, and poetic jewellery. Whatever your style - bohemian, hippie chic, modern or classic - we bet you'll find THE creation that suits you.

Zoom in on the details of the Morrisson flower drum

Our expertise

We make Despré creations by hand in our Parisian workshop. Each of our flowers and semi-precious stones is individually arranged, sewn and fixed with the utmost care to guarantee the best possible result. As flowers are a product of life, they have unique colours and shapes. We take all these specificities into account in order to enhance them as much as possible. We also carry out embroidery and customisation on request.

The result? Unique, handcrafted creations that are like no other - just like you!

floral wreath cloud - Atelier Despré

Our values

At Atelier Despré we are committed to ensuring that we have an ethical and ecological impact. We therefore do our utmost to find the best suppliers of raw materials as close to us as possible. Our company is careful to use as many natural, recycled/recyclable or sustainable raw materials as possible, and we work primarily with French or European suppliers.

We are committed to a process of continuous improvement in order to continue to offer you the best quality with the least impact.

It goes without saying that Atelier Despré puts its customers first. Our goal? To satisfy you and to offer you the product that suits you for your beautiful moment.

This is why we are at your disposal to discuss your particular requests in order to design with you a 100% personalised creation that fully resembles you.

Contact us

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