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Nous vous souhaitons la bienvenue sur notre e-shop fleuri aux good vibes!
Découvrez notre gamme de créations uniques et poétiques autour des fleurs séchées et stabilisées. 

Our floral creations are handmade in our Parisian workshop. All of them can therefore be entirely tailor-made to meet your needs. Come and get the bohemian, folk rock or more modern touch that will twist all of your events! We also add crystal stones such as quartz or amethysts to make them unique and poetic lucky-charms. That way we hope they get to make a long-lasting souvenir of your Greatest days.

Take a look at our offer, you will surely find the creation that is made for you.

Our philosophy

At Atelier Despre, we are very conscious of the environmental challenges ahead. Preserving it while meeting our customers' expectations is therefore at the core of our concerns. We are indeed committed to offering you creations that reflect your personality, selected and embroided with the most utmost care and know-how. We are as well committed to an environmentally friendly approach throughcareful sourcing and by reducing our impact as much as possible.

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Meticulously handmade
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Personalized creations that look just like you
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Committed to preserve the environment
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Delivery everywhere in France
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Despre creations will bring the extra touch of magic to make your most beautiful events last.

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Welcome to our flowery e-shop made in France!
All our creations are made with care and patience, by hand and in small series in our Parisian workshop. Indulge yourself and support your local creators committed to responsible consumption.

Chignon banane avec le peigne fleuri Nuavut aux pierres d'aigue marie - Idées de coiffures faciles

Atelier Despre was born out of a deep passion for your greatest events. Weddings, births, christenings and other family celebrations are all happy days that mark a life like few others. And what better way to embody this happiness than with flowers?
Poetic, delicate and colorful, dried and preserved flowers have the particularity of remaining beautiful for years. They are like the materialization of a unique moment that we would love to last forever. A souvenir to offer as the symbol of a life ahead. Embellished with crystal stones, which are said to have beneficial properties for their holders, our creations also have a strong and unique good-vibes symbolism. Visit our flowery e-shop now!

Support our young brand and share your experiences and pictures of your creations!
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Atelier Despré & vous

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